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Coming soon - "Smells Of Last Night" EP

"The Secret Life Of The Wife Of The Captain Of The Ship In A Bottle On The Mantlepiece" Ltd digi CD & DD [BUY IT]

"From the ridiculously long, specific title, you’d perhaps expect a rather narrow-viewed, insular record from the Seafood drummer. Instead, it’s a quirky genre-spanning effort. The title track is as off-kilter as you’d expect – with chanting, clapping and the kazoo while the clanging piano-pop, sharp lyrics and breathy harmonies of ‘Smell Of Last Night’ contrast with the delicate, almost out-of-sync “Can’t Help Yourself.’ She also turns her hand to the anti-folk sensibilities of ‘If I See A Bear’ and the more traditional folk sounds of ‘Mayday, Mayday.’


From the downright skewered Indian-inspired weirdness to rattling, primitive beats of the end track of ‘Beat In Here’ – Caz Mechanic has made a confident, uncompromising album on her own terms. An adorable little musical oddity." –Clash

CazMechanic, the hard-working/drinking/surfing Seafood & Sleeping States drummer has come up with a mighty set of songs. Ranging from sinister folk to beautiful heartbreaking pop, CazMechanic plays as she sings, in a half-dream state, conjuring the ghosts of The Velvet Underground, Syd Barratt and The Shangri-La's. The inspiration swings from frustration and despair to glee and wonder; break-ups and new beginnings... from world-weary towide-eyed... not forgetting bears, birds and bouncers.

"Caz Mechanic's debut had put the Cornwall based singer in pole position to be the most brilliant new artist of 2008" –Bearded Magazine DSC02890trong>

caz mechanic 

Move Over" 7" EP [BUY IT]

"MoveOver" EP contains some of her most amazing work. "Too Much Thinking" is too honest and haunting & Moveover itself is just simply one of the most unique brilliant mini-symphonies ever placed on plastic. Having taken out six months or so due to some family news that makes you smile. Now Caz Mechanic is back recording and playing live.

All the songs share freshness, heart and wit in abundance. Bad news that makes you smile. Good news that makes you cry. Caz Mechanic's first gig was in Iceland in January 2006. Since then her output has been vast and varied. Time spent in 2006 producing tracks with Mark Van Hoen sharpened the vision whilst lending a subtle wide-screen feel to many tracks like "Moveover". Then in 2007 working with Neil Halstead and Al Forrester in her home county of Cornwall on pop tracks like "Smells Of Last Night." Where some of the real magic happens though is on her portable 8 track. Where the imagination can truly fly uninhibited.

"If there's any justice out there then her solo alias will soon shine brightly through. After all, ‘Moveover’ is absolutely gorgeous." –8/10 Drowned In Sound