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Holton's Opulent Oog "The Problem Of Knowledge"
Ltd LP (300), LTD digi-CD & DD
. Holton recorded The Problem Of Knowledge with Ian McCutcheon (Loose Salute, Mojave 3, Slowdive), Simon Rowe (Chapter House, Mojave 3) & Caroline Banks (Caz Mechanic, Seefood) straight on to half inch tape the album keeps avery warm feel throughout. It was released in UK in 2008 and received well by the press scoring high across the board.

"An absolute treat" BN 9/10 NME

"How Many Ting Tings does it take to change a Holton's Opulent Oog" OM

"Sounding like something of a tuneful Dylan, Holton's sleepy-eyed vocals act like a cosy duvet to wrap up in. High points are softly moving opener 'Tab', resplendent with melancholic violin and the Grandaddy-like electro-folk of 'Fountain Of Hate'.8/10 JG Alternative Ulster

"A pretty & understated gem" Plan B

"Beautiful" Ben Thompson

With a heart-stopping collection Holton's Opulent Oog are also set to make waves" Music Week

"Reflective, insightful pop songs that flow along gently like a stream in the summer." Subba Cultcha

"Production is kept to a minimum but the tunes hold their own, fleshed out with skillful guitar and an honest voice." New Noise Net

"The Problem Of Knowledge is minimalistic just above the extreme, built around a violin and Spanish guitar and it absolutely brilliant." Bearded

"Perfect Winter listening through its sheer tenderness & sincerity. Guitar picking loveliness. A work of love, unique." Notion

This is an album that contains classic songwriting pushed many ways" 7/10 Drowned In Sound

The lyrics are beautiful, the music is lo-fi and perfect and Holton's Opulent Oog have managed to capture my heart with "The Problem of Knowledge". 11/13 Room 13

"The Emphasis on Spanish guitar and violin suggests the band playing Dylan's Desire. A mostly first-take policy keeps an intimate, ambient feel." Uncut

Holton's Opulent Oog, Wood


Holton's Opulent Oog, Wood-2 

WOOD FESTIVAL 2011 featuring Nick Holton, Paul Blewett, Roger Proctor, Dave Boyt & Beef Wellington Wells.


Love In The Mist by Holton's Opulent Oog features Neil Halstead, Joe Bennett, Robin Bennett, Ian McCutcheon, Tom Crook, Paul Blewett & Roger Proctor.

For their second collection, Holton’s Opulent Oog gathered throughout last Spring/Autumn. They’ve dreamt up a spellbinder. Songs of mystery and imagination. Beatific, emotional, transporting, brimming with dreamy melodies and full of darkness and light - this is a special album.

The magic ingredients are Spanish guitar, violins, dubby keyboards and beautifully deft percussion. The album has a distinctive, carefully wrought sound, but it’s the variety within that sound, the sting and mystery of the lyrics that are so strong.


The album wears its contradictions on its sleeve. Confidant, ambitious tunes about fragilty and danger. Homilies to love and solidarity shot through with separation and melancholy. Here, a beguiling waltz, somewhere between menace and melancholy; there, a foray into psych-out chaos and back again; elsewhere joyful poppy sing-alongs. As if the Bonzos showed up to jam with the Beatles during the White Album. At times a moving, noble, trumpet-led melody should take it all to Mexico, but the album stays hovering over English landscapes, English hopes and dreams. This music couldn’t come from anywhere else.

"The dreamy, lo-fi minimalism of 2008’s well received The Problem Of Knowledge is very much back with a vengeance." DROWNED IN SOUND

"Love In The Mist seems to transport its audience to a much more pleasant time in their lives. Their debut album received critical acclaim by many leading publications and it is after hearing this record that you can see why they have their plaudits. Awesome." 4/5 Russell Hill MAVERICK

"HOO have a storytelling ability that not many possess and the lyrics to match." THE SKINNY

"LOVE IN THE MIST is quintessentially English. Assisted by various Slowdive/ Mojave 3 alumni, Holton's sleepy voice & ramshackle songs ooze a skewed charm that evokes late-'60s pastoral psyck-folk. And the unexpected touches - add to a quietly, quirkily brilliant set." 4/5 Nigel Williamson UNCUT

"A woozy, downbeat, oddly heartening curiosity from songwriter Nick Holton. Holton's Opulent Oog specialises in the kind of gentle melancholy that can be comforting, even uplifting." Will Hodgekinson MOJO

"Keeping with the outfit’s 2008 debut, Love In The Mist provides twelve tracks of sleepy folk-rock peppered with mild touches of psychedelically hued haziness. A less depressed Leonard Cohen or sneer-free young Dylan, defiantly one-dimensional and determined to do its own laid back thing, but also extremely charming." LINE OF BEST FIT


Paul Blewett, Julian Mash, Roger Proctor, Tom Crook, Nick Holton & Ian McCutcheon