Big Potato Records


Big Potato have put on, supported & played records at many events these include Wood, Truck, The Social & South St Arts Centre. We love to support music we find interesting & wish we could do more and go further in finding some hidden gems for the world (or at least the people at the shows) but we are like everyone constrained by time. Having said that we have booked and worked with many including these fine names:- Junipers, Stornoway, The Loose Salute, Danny & The Champions Of World, Hal, Mojave 3, Neil Halstead, Notorious Hi-Fi Killers, Slowriverslow, Coley Park, Band Of Hope, Dusty Sound System, Caz Mechanic, The Left Outsides, Sleeping States, Common Prayer, Pete Greenwood, Holton's Opulent Oog & The Dreaming Spires. Some from the list have returned twice and sometimes more in the case of Stornoway or Danny & The Champs where more and more musicians kept rolling in through the door, dear Jon Cox (our very own grumpy sound man) didn't know what was going on but as always he dealt with the sound perfectly.

We have to thank all those people who have helped us in the past and hopefully the future, to name some names; Nick Portnell, Kev Wells, Jon Cox, Paul Blewett, Dave Barrow & The Bennetts.

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